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Australian locations of properties declared by Peter Dutton

Official portrait of Peter Dutton

House of Representatives member Peter Dutton for Dickson on behalf of the Liberal Party of Australia declared 65 interests.

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1 Savings accounts ANZ Self12th Oct 2016
2 Savings accounts QPCU Self12th Oct 2016
3 Savings accounts NAB Self12th Oct 2016
4 Savings accounts CBA Self12th Oct 2016
5 Savings accounts ANZ Spouse12th Oct 2016
6 Savings accounts QPCU Spouse12th Oct 2016
7 Savings accounts NAB Dependent Children12th Oct 2016
8 Savings accounts CBA Dependent Children12th Oct 2016
9 Dutton Holdings (Qld) P/L Self12th Oct 2016
10 PK Super (Qld) P/L Self12th Oct 2016
11 RHT Investments (Qld) P/L Spouse12th Oct 2016
12 PK Super (Qld) P/L Spouse12th Oct 2016
13 Residential investment Kingston ACT Self12th Oct 2016
14 Residential investment Moreton Island QLD Self12th Oct 2016
15 Residential investment Palm Beach QLD Self12th Oct 2016
16 Residential investment Spring Hill QLD Self12th Oct 2016
17 Principal place of residence Camp Mountain QLD Self12th Oct 2016
18 RHT Investment (QLD) P/L as trustee for RHT Family Trust purchased an investment property in Townsville Townsville QLD Self19th Nov 2016
19 Credit facilities ANZ Self12th Oct 2016
20 Credit facilities CBA Self12th Oct 2016
21 Credit facilities NAB Self12th Oct 2016
22 Motor vehicle lease Toyota Finance Self12th Oct 2016
23 Credit facilities ANZ Spouse12th Oct 2016
24 Credit facilities NAB Spouse12th Oct 2016
25 Life insurance Self12th Oct 2016
26 Furniture Self12th Oct 2016
27 Tractor Self12th Oct 2016
28 Motor vehicle Self12th Oct 2016
29 Life insurance Spouse12th Oct 2016
30 Furniture Spouse12th Oct 2016
31 Employment by RHT Investments (QLD) P/L and Bald Hills Child Care P/L Spouse12th Oct 2016
32 Ticket and hospitality BBL Brisbane Heat vs Perth Scorchers courtesy of Queensland Cricket. Self12th Feb 2019
33 Ticket and hospitality courtesy of Cricket Australia and the SCG Trust. Self25th Jan 2019
34 Large Coffee Table book courtesy of UAE Foreign Minister Self28th Jun 2018
35 Telstra TV courtesy of Netball Australia Self28th Jun 2018
36 Tickets and hospitality, Australia v Pakistan Third Test courtesy Sydney Cricket and Sports Ground Trust Self17th Oct 2017
37 Complimentary annual subscription to Foxtel in electorate office Self22nd Sep 2017
38 Vase from President of Sri Lanka approximate value $750 Self15th Jun 2017
39 Refurbishment of interior of caravan as mobile office by Kedron Caravans Self7th Jun 2017
40 Tickets and hospitality Australia v Pakistan First Test courtesy Cricket Australia Self13th Feb 2017
41 Wine courtesy of Tourism Training Australia Self13th Feb 2017
42 State of Origin tickets and hospitality - NRL Self12th Oct 2016
43 Tickets and hospitality - Australian Rugby Union Self12th Oct 2016
44 Netball tickets and hospitality - Netball Australia Self12th Oct 2016
45 Ticket and hospitality Broncos game at Suncorp Stadium courtesy of Brisbane Broncos Self28th Jun 2018
46 Tickets and hospitality Ed Sheerin Concern courtesy of Full Time Sports Management Self16th Apr 2018
47 Tickets and hospitality Magellan Ashes 5th test courtesy of Cricket Australia and SCG Trust Self21st Feb 2018
48 Virgin Australia flight upgrade Gold Coast to Adelaide Self21st Feb 2018
49 Tickets and hospitality BBL match Brisbane and Adelaide courtesy of Adelaide Strikers Self21st Feb 2018
50 Ticket and hospitality Brisbane International courtesy of Tennis Queensland Self21st Feb 2018
51 Ticket and hospitality Commonwealth Bank Women's Ashes Series T20 courtesy Cricket Australia Self20th Dec 2017
52 Ticket and hospitality Day 1 Magellan Ashes First Test courtesy of Cricket Australia and Queensland Cricket Self20th Dec 2017
53 Ticket and hospitality Rugby League World Cup Semi Final courtesy Rugby League World Cup 2017 Self20th Dec 2017
54 Complimentary transfers Melbourne to Wagga Wagga to Sydney courtesy of Rex Airlines Self20th Dec 2017
55 27 September 2017. Upgraded courtesy of Qantas on QF9 Dubai to London Self17th Oct 2017
56 26 August 2017. Complimentary transfers to Prostate Cancer Hands Across the Blue" event Gloucester Passage Qld" Self22nd Sep 2017
57 Qantas Chairmans Lounge membership Self12th Oct 2016
58 Virgin Club Membership Self12th Oct 2016
59 Electorate Office Foxtel Connection Self12th Oct 2016
60 RHT Investments (QLD) P/L Spouse12th Oct 2016
61 Bald Hills Child Care P/L Spouse12th Oct 2016
62 PK Super P/L Spouse12th Oct 2016
63 Investment Beneficiary RHT Family Trust (RHT Investments P/L ATF) Self12 Oct 2016
64 Investment Beneficiary RHT Family Trust (RHT Investments P/L ATF) Spouse12 Oct 2016
65 Investment Beneficiary RHT Family Trust (RHT Investments P/L ATF) Dependent Children12 Oct 2016

No interests have been deleted by Peter Dutton since this project was last updated


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