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Official portrait of Rowan Ramsey

On behalf of the Liberal Party of Australia, Sitting Member for Grey, Rowan Ramsey declared 42 interests

Government Whip

45th Parliament

Last declaration in AusGov.info database from Rowan Ramsey is dated 30th January 2019

The pecuniary interests register only includes suburb (and sometimes only a general geographic area). Geocoding is done at suburb/postcode level with differentiations made where there is more than one property to a single suburb to allow each record to remain visible. These lat/lon used within each suburb are random & not intended to indicate exact locations of properties declared.

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1 45th parliament ANZ Self/Spouse15th Sep 2016
2 45th parliament Australian Foundation Investment Self/Spouse15th Sep 2016
3 45th parliament BHP Self/Spouse15th Sep 2016
4 45th parliament CYBG Self/Spouse15th Sep 2016
5 45th parliament NAB Self/Spouse15th Sep 2016
6 45th parliament QBE Self/Spouse15th Sep 2016
7 45th parliament Telstra Self/Spouse15th Sep 2016
8 45th parliament Treasury Wine Estates Self/Spouse15th Sep 2016
9 45th parliament Whitefield Self/Spouse15th Sep 2016
10 45th parliament South 32 Self/Spouse15th Sep 2016
11 45th parliament Agricultural land holdings Trustee Ramsey Family Trust Self15 Sep 2016
12 45th parliament Agricultural land holdings Trustee Ramsey Family Trust Spouse15 Sep 2016
13 45th parliament No Interest Beneficiary of Ramsey Family Trust Barranco P/L Self15th Sep 2016
14 45th parliament No Interest Beneficiary of Ramsey Family Trust Barranco P/L Spouse15th Sep 2016
15 45th parliament Ownership of Agricultural land - family farm in Kimba SA AustraliaSelf/Spouse15th Sep 2016
16 45th parliament Ownership of House - private in Pt Neill SA AustraliaSelf/Spouse15th Sep 2016
17 45th parliament Ownership of Unit - private in Maylands SA AustraliaSelf/Spouse15th Sep 2016
18 45th parliament Ownership of House - private in Jamestown SA AustraliaSelf/Spouse15th Sep 2016
19 45th parliament Agricultural holdings & equipment Self/Spouse15th Sep 2016
2045th parliament Bank SA Term Deposit Bank SA Spouse15th Sep 2016
2145th parliament Term deposit Bank SA Self 26th Mar 2018
2245th parliament Bank accounts ANZ Self 15th Sep 2016
2345th parliament Bank accounts ANZ Spouse 15th Sep 2016
2445th parliament Bank account Bank SA Spouse 15th Sep 2016
2545th parliament Superannuation acc - PCPE Wrap Self15th Sep 2016
2645th parliament City Mutual Life Assurance Self15th Sep 2016
2745th parliament Superannuation acc - ANZ Spouse15th Sep 2016
2845th parliament Commonwealth Super Spouse15th Sep 2016
2945th parliament Super SA Spouse15th Sep 2016
3045th parliament Hospitality at Stage 6 Tour Down Under, courtesy of Santos. Self30th Jan 2019
3145th parliament 1 bottle of Ballantynes Scotch Whiskey courtesy of SeaSA Self22nd Nov 2016
3245th parliament Qantas Chairman's Club - Membership Self15th Sep 2016
3345th parliament Virgin Club Self15th Sep 2016
3445th parliament Qantas Chairman's Club - Membership Spouse15th Sep 2016
3545th parliament Virgin Club Spouse15th Sep 2016
3645th parliament Committee visit; bus to & flight over Snowy Hydro site courtesy of Snowy Hydro 9/1 Self1st Mar 2018
3745th parliament Flight Adelaide to Moomba provided by Santos Self21st Nov 2017
3845th parliament 1 x Ticket & Hospitality - Courtesy of Santos - AFL qualifying Final 7/9/2017 Self29th Sep 2017
3945th parliament 20/7/17 - Transfer Perth to Barrow Island, Chevron Australia Self9th Aug 2017
4045th parliament Flight upgrade to business, Virgin Adel to Syd 27/11/16 Spouse3rd Jan 2017
4145th parliament Eyre Peninsula Agricultural Research Foundation Self15th Sep 2016
4245th parliament Port Pirie Chamber of Commerce Self15th Sep 2016

No interests have been deleted by Rowan Ramsey since this project was last updated