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Australian locations of properties declared by Steve Georganas

Official portrait of Steve Georganas

House of Representatives member Steve Georganas for Hindmarsh on behalf of the Australian Labor Party declared 34 interests.

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1 Savings account ANZ Self27th Sep 2016
2 Savings account Bendigo Bank Spouse27th Sep 2016
3 Auspac Spouse27th Sep 2016
4 Mincorp Spouse27th Sep 2016
5 Home (place of residence) Mile End SA Self/Spouse27th Sep 2016
6 Block of unconstructed residential land (inheritance) Greece Self27th Sep 2016
7 Vision Super Self27th Sep 2016
8 Statewide Super Self27th Sep 2016
9 Australian Super Self27th Sep 2016
10 Super SA Self27th Sep 2016
11 Ownership of a small block of farm land (olive grove) in Greece - inherited Self27th Sep 2016
12 Super SA Spouse27th Sep 2016
13 Interest from savings account Self27th Sep 2016
14 Interest from Savings account Spouse27th Sep 2016
15 A subscription to Foxtel from ASTRA Self23rd Aug 2018
16 Accepted an Azerbaijani rug from the honorary Consul-General of Azerbaijan on 12 April 2018. It was received in connection with my participation in a parliamentary delegation to observe the Azerbaijani presidential election from 6 to 13 April 2018 Self9th May 2018
17 Qantas Chairman's Lounge Membership - provided to myself and my wife Self/Spouse27th Sep 2016
18 Accepted travel, accommodation and meals provided by the Moroccan Embasy during visit with Parliamentary Friendship Group 8 to 15 December 2018. To meet with Moroccan Parliament and Institutions to discuss Energy, Trade development, Human Rights Promotion, Migration and other mutal interests. Self3rd Jan 2019
19 Accepted flights from Aznur Pty Ltd on behalf of the government of Azerbaijan. Accepted accommodation, ground transport and meals from the Government of Azerbaijan. The flights and hospitality declared above were received in connection with my participation in a parliamentary delegation to observe the Azerbaijani presidential election from 6 to 13 April 2018 Self9th May 2018
20 Costs - Israel/Palestinian Territories 4 to 9 November. All flight costs were paid by me personally. The Australian Palestinian Advocacy Network paid for hotel accommodation for this period, ground transport costs and some meals Self4th Dec 2017
21 Guest of Santos with Mrs Georganas Adelaide Oval Corp Box. Approximate cost provided by Santos $726 Self27th Sep 2017
22 Attended the World Hellenic Inter-parliamentary Association biannual conference in Athens, July 23-28. Hosted by WHIA, travel and accommodation provided by WHIA Self4th Sep 2017
23 Trip to Israel 12-19 March 2017 - Return flights from Australia, and on-ground hospitality sponsored by AIJAC Self22nd Mar 2017
24 Hospitality in Belgrade provided by the Serbian Parliament during an official Study Trip in 2012 Self27th Sep 2016
25 Member of the World Hellenic Inter-Parliamentary Association (WHIA) Self27th Sep 2016
26 Member - West Adelaide Football Club SANFL Self27th Sep 2016
27 Member - West Torrens Cricket Club Self27th Sep 2016
28 Hon Board Member - Thebarton Senior College Self27th Sep 2016
29 Member of the ALP Self27th Sep 2016
30 Member of the Australian Services Union Self27th Sep 2016
31 Member of the CPSU Self27th Sep 2016
32 Member - West Adelaide Football Club SANFL Spouse27th Sep 2016
33 Member of the ALP Spouse27th Sep 2016
34 Member of the Australian Services Union Spouse27th Sep 2016

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