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1 Cheque account - electoral use as Mayor of Devonport and now as Senator Bendigo Bank Self12th Mar 2018
2 Joint Cheque account - everyday use ANZ Self/Spouse12th Mar 2018
3 Private residence Devonport TAS Self/Spouse12th Mar 2018
4 Mortgage - private residence AMP Self/Spouse12th Mar 2018
5 Personal loan - purchase private motor vehicle ANZ Self/Spouse12th Mar 2018
6 Superannuation - RBF Self12th Mar 2018
7 Devonport City Council till 9/3/18 when resigned as Mayor and Alderman Self12th Mar 2018
8 Upgrade to Gold QANTAS Frequent Flyer Card (when elected as Mayor of Devonport 2011), still current Self10th May 2018
9 QANTAS Chairman's Lounge Self10th May 2018
10 Brett Martin (Brother) Trade Operational Manager, Independent Hardware Group Self23rd Jul 2018
11 Founder/Mentor Enormity - youth group Self12th Mar 2018
12 President Toast for Kids Charity Inc Self10th May 2018
13 Chairman, Mersey Community Hospital Support Group Self12th Mar 2018

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