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Official portrait of Steven Ciobo

House of Representatives member Steven Ciobo for Moncrieff on behalf of the Liberal Party of Australia declared 68 interests.

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1 Savings offset Westpac Self7th Oct 2016
2 Savings offset Westpac Spouse7th Oct 2016
3 Astra Enterprise Qld Pty Ltd Spouse7th Oct 2016
4 Citigroup (USA) Spouse7th Oct 2016
5 Residential Surfers Paradise QLD Self/Spouse7th Oct 2016
6 Investment Hope Island QLD Self/Spouse7th Oct 2016
7 Mortgage (residential + investment) Westpac Self7th Oct 2016
8 Loan Family Self7th Oct 2016
9 Credit/store cards Various Self7th Oct 2016
10 Mortgage (residential + investment) Westpac Spouse7th Oct 2016
11 Loan Family Spouse7th Oct 2016
12 Credit/store cards Various Spouse7th Oct 2016
13 Various life insurance policies Self7th Oct 2016
14 Motor vehicles Self7th Oct 2016
15 Artworks Self7th Oct 2016
16 Superannuation Self7th Oct 2016
17 Artworks Spouse7th Oct 2016
18 Loan Spouse7th Oct 2016
19 Superannuation Spouse7th Oct 2016
20 Income from investments as above Self7th Oct 2016
21 Income from investments and work as above Spouse7th Oct 2016
22 Ornamental teapot from His Excellency Mr Saad Al-Shareef, Ambassador to Australia, State of Qatar. Self21st Dec 2018
23 Bottle of Pisco from the Ambassador of Peru Self19th Sep 2018
24 Two books from Bruce Munro, Artist from United Kingdom Self19th Sep 2018
25 Ceramic candy pot from Mr Toshimitsu Motegi, Minister for Economic Revitalisation, Japan Self19th Sep 2018
26 Box of cigars and a bottle of Rum from the Ambassador of the Republic of Cuba Self1st Jul 2018
27 Art work from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation of the United Arab Emirates Self1st Jul 2018
28 Telstra TV box from Netball Australia (will be donated) Self1st Jul 2018
29 I wish to advise I received three boxes of Tim Tam biscuits (24 packets per box) on 22 May 2018 from Arnotts Australia. I will use these as gifts for foreign ministers, officials and diplomats Self12th Jun 2018
30 Two tickets to the opening ceremony of the Commonwealth Games from the Star Self30th Apr 2018
31 I attended the Men's swimming finals as a guest of Optus Self30th Apr 2018
32 The Hon Chris Bowen MP presented me with a gift of sartorial excellence, a - to quote him - really classy knitted skinny navy blue tie. I cannot be sure of its market value however would note I count it as priceless. Self12th Sep 2017
33 Foxtel subscription in my electorate office Self16th Aug 2017
34 Annual VIP Double Movie Pass from The Arts Centre, Gold Coast Self31st Mar 2017
35 Membership, IHG Rewards Club Self31st Mar 2017
36 Membership, Le Club Accor Hotels Self31st Mar 2017
37 Three tickets to Gold Coast Suns Game from Gold Coast Suns Self31st Mar 2017
38 One nights accommodation at The Treasury Hotel, Brisbane from the Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Queensland) Self1st Jul 2018
39 Two tickets to Polo by the Sea from Polo Events Australia Self1st Jul 2018
40 Air transfer from the ADC Forum Self22nd Nov 2016
41 2 x tickets to the Polo by the Sea Self22nd Nov 2016
42 2 x tickets to the Wallabies v England match Self22nd Nov 2016
43 2 x memberships to the Gold Coast Turf Club Self22nd Nov 2016
44 Upgrades (from time-to-time) at The Darling Hotel, QT Hotel Group and Crown Hotels Self22nd Nov 2016
45 Upgrades (from time-to-time) with carriers, Virgin, Qantas, Qatar, Emirates and Etihad Self22nd Nov 2016
46 2 x tickets to Fremantle v Suns match Self22nd Nov 2016
47 2 x tickets to the Ray White Ball Self22nd Nov 2016
48 2 x tickets to the Midwinter Ball, guest of eBay Self22nd Nov 2016
49 2 x tickets to the Melbourne Cup, guest of Lion Self22nd Nov 2016
50 2 x surfboards loaned by Tourism Australia Self22nd Nov 2016
51 Qantas Chairman's Club Self7th Oct 2016
52 Virgin Club Self7th Oct 2016
53 Qantas Chairman's Club Spouse7th Oct 2016
54 Virgin Club Spouse7th Oct 2016
55 Astra Enterprises Qld Pty Ltd Spouse7th Oct 2016
56 Numerous Surf Lifesaving bodies (QLD) - patron, vice-patron, vice-president Self7th Oct 2016
57 Gold Coast Turf Club (honorary) Self7th Oct 2016
58 World Vision Self7th Oct 2016
59 Save the Children Self7th Oct 2016
60 Salvation Army Self7th Oct 2016
61 World Vision Spouse7th Oct 2016
62 Save the Children Spouse7th Oct 2016
63 Salvation Army Spouse7th Oct 2016
64 Northcliffe Surf Lifesaving Club Dependent Children7th Oct 2016
65 Inactive Discretionary Hawke Trust Self07 Oct 2016
66 Inactive Discretionary Hawke Trust Spouse07 Oct 2016
67 Inactive Discretionary Hawke Trust Dependent Children07 Oct 2016

68 Trustee Discretionary Astra Enterprises Qld Pty Ltd (Hawke Trust) Spouse7th Oct 2016

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