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Official portrait of Terri Butler

On behalf of the Australian Labor Party, Sitting Member for Griffith, Terri Butler declared 100 interests

45th Parliament
46th Parliament

Last declaration in AusGov.info database from Terri Butler is dated 18th October 2019

The pecuniary interests register only includes suburb (and sometimes only a general geographic area). Geocoding is done at suburb/postcode level with differentiations made where there is more than one property to a single suburb to allow each record to remain visible. These lat/lon used within each suburb are random & not intended to indicate exact locations of properties declared.

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1 45th parliament Ownership of Family residence in Morningside QLD AustraliaSelf/Spouse22nd Sep 2016
2 46th parliament Pine Rivers Caboolture and Redcliffe Group Training Scheme Inc (Pricar), Trading as East Coast Training and Employment Spouse18th Oct 2019
3 45th parliament Spouse - Director, Queensland Advisory Board, McKell Institute. Spouse8th Apr 2019
4 45th parliament Mortgage CBASelf22nd Sep 2016
5 45th parliament Personal Loan CBASelf22nd Sep 2016
6 45th parliament Credit Card CBASelf22nd Sep 2016
7 45th parliament Debit card with overdraft Commonwealth BankSpouse31st Jul 2019
8 45th parliament Mortgage CBASpouse22nd Sep 2016
9 45th parliament Credit Card Me BankSpouse22nd Sep 2016
10 45th parliament Credit Card Queenslanders' Credit UnionSpouse22nd Sep 2016
1145th parliament Child 1 CBA Dependent Children 22nd Sep 2016
1245th parliament Child 2 CBA Dependent Children 22nd Sep 2016
1346th parliament Joint offset account CBA Self 31st Jul 2019
1445th parliament Personal account CBA Self 22nd Sep 2016
1545th parliament Joint account ING Direct Self 22nd Sep 2016
1645th parliament Account for electorate allowance CBA Self 22nd Sep 2016
1746th parliament Savings Account (1) CBA Spouse 31st Jul 2019
1846th parliament Savings Account (2) CBA Spouse 31st Jul 2019
1946th parliament Joint savings account CBA Spouse 31st Jul 2019
2046th parliament Joint offset account CBA Spouse 31st Jul 2019
2146th parliament Business account CBA Spouse 31st Jul 2019
2245th parliament Savings account - personal and joint Queenslanders' Credit Union, Me Bank, CBA & ANZ Spouse 22nd Sep 2016
2345th parliament Account with Australian Super including insurance Self22nd Sep 2016
2445th parliament Account with Australian Super including insurance Spouse22nd Sep 2016
2545th parliament Book contract with Melbourne University Publishing (MUP) Self9th May 2017
2646th parliament Personal income - Barrister, Sole Trader Spouse31st Jul 2019
2745th parliament Spouse - Admission to the Queensland Bar. Spouse8th Apr 2019
2846th parliament Membership of QANTAS Chairman's Lounge Self31st Jul 2019
2946th parliament Membership of 'The Club' Virgin Australia Self31st Jul 2019
3045th parliament 3 x Cubit Voyager Kits (Coding and Robotics Education Kits) gifted by Australian Computer Society, for primary schools in the Electorate. Self12th Mar 2019
3145th parliament Telstra TV Media Box - gifted by Netball Australia Self20th Jun 2018
3245th parliament Complimentary subscription to Foxtel provided by ASTRA for the Electorate Office (1 July 2017) Self17th Jul 2017
3345th parliament Gift from Australian Federation of Travel Agents Self6th Jun 2017
3445th parliament Raffle Prize - The Star - Darling Sydney Self6th Jun 2017
3545th parliament Membership of QANTAS Chairman's Lounge Self22nd Sep 2016
3645th parliament Membership of 'The Club' Virgin Australia Self22nd Sep 2016
3746th parliament Membership of QANTAS Chairman's Lounge Spouse31st Jul 2019
3846th parliament Membership of 'The Club' Virgin Australia Spouse31st Jul 2019
3945th parliament Membership of QANTAS Chairman's Lounge Spouse22nd Sep 2016
4045th parliament Membership of 'The Club' Virgin Australia Spouse22nd Sep 2016
4146th parliament Upgrade, Virgin Flight Brisbane to Sydney 21 August 2019 Self21st Aug 2019
4246th parliament Flight upgrade, Qantas (Cairns, May 2019) Self31st Jul 2019
4346th parliament Box seat tickets (4) and hospitality at the Brisbane Lions game 01/06/2019, Tabcorp Self31st Jul 2019
4445th parliament Derby Day Birdcage Marquee Tickets Flemington (x2) courtesy of Tabcorp Self7th Nov 2018
4545th parliament Press Gallery Midwinter Ball tickets (x2) courtesy of Macquarie Bank Self15th Oct 2018
4645th parliament PIPA program (France) - Flights, accommodation, travel, translator, some food, covered by French Government Self15th Oct 2018
4745th parliament On Friday 24th August 2018, I received a free upgrade from economy class to business class on flight QF1456 flying from Canberra to Brisbane Self6th Sep 2018
4845th parliament One ticket to An Evening with Hillary Rodham Clinton 2018 courtesy of Qantas - (Friday 11 May 2018) Self23rd May 2018
4945th parliament Press Gallery Mid-Winter Ball tickets courtesy of UniSuper (x2) - Wednesday 14 June 2017 Self27th Feb 2017
5045th parliament Economy class flights, accommodation, meals and transfers to visit aid projects in Myanmar/Burma (visit organised by Save the Children Australia, funded by a grant from the Gates Foundation) Self23rd Jan 2017
5145th parliament Sponsored Economy airline flights Brisbane - Melbourne - Brisbane courtesy of Victorian Womens Trust Organisation Self28th Nov 2016
5245th parliament Guest of Macquarie Group Ltd at the 2016 Parliamentary Press Gallery and Annual Mid-Winter Ball Self5th Oct 2016
5346th parliament Bupa Self31st Jul 2019
5446th parliament Member, Cazaly's Football Club, Cairns Self31st Jul 2019
5546th parliament Member, Bulimba District Historical Society Self31st Jul 2019
5646th parliament Member, Australian Fabians Self31st Jul 2019
5746th parliament Member, RACQ Self31st Jul 2019
5846th parliament Member, Friends of the ABC Self31st Jul 2019
5946th parliament Member, Commonwealth Women's Parliamentary Association Self31st Jul 2019
6045th parliament Membership - Women's International League for Peace and Freedom QLD Self6th Sep 2018
6145th parliament Children by Choice Assoc Self22nd Sep 2016
6245th parliament CFMEU Self22nd Sep 2016
6345th parliament ASU Self22nd Sep 2016
6445th parliament ARM Self22nd Sep 2016
6545th parliament Cannon Hills Bowls Club Self22nd Sep 2016
6645th parliament Greenslopes Bowls Club Self22nd Sep 2016
6745th parliament Easts Leagues Club Self22nd Sep 2016
6845th parliament ALP Self22nd Sep 2016
6945th parliament QLD Law Society Self22nd Sep 2016
7045th parliament Norman Creek Catchment Inc Self22nd Sep 2016
7145th parliament Canon Garland Memorial Society Inc Self22nd Sep 2016
7245th parliament Emily's List Self22nd Sep 2016
7345th parliament QL Labor Enabled Self22nd Sep 2016
7445th parliament YWCA Self22nd Sep 2016
7545th parliament Carina Leagues Club Self22nd Sep 2016
7646th parliament Member, Australian Institute of Company Directors Spouse31st Jul 2019
7746th parliament Member, The Bar Association (Queensland) Spouse31st Jul 2019
7846th parliament Member, Bupa Spouse31st Jul 2019
7946th parliament Member, The Brisbane Club Spouse31st Jul 2019
8045th parliament ALP Spouse22nd Sep 2016
8145th parliament Theodore Club Inc Spouse22nd Sep 2016
8245th parliament Brisbane Broncos Leagues Club Spouse22nd Sep 2016
8345th parliament Canberra Labor Club Spouse22nd Sep 2016
8446th parliament Patron, Bulimba Community Centre Self21st Aug 2019
8546th parliament Patron, Returned & Services League of Australia QLD Branch, National Servicemen's Sub Branch Inc. Self31st Jul 2019
8646th parliament Student, University of New England Self31st Jul 2019
8746th parliament Account with Sportingbet Self31st Jul 2019
8846th parliament Patron, Qld Labor for Refugees Self31st Jul 2019
8946th parliament Author, chapter for forthcoming book on human rights, Australian Catholic University (no remuneration) Self31st Jul 2019
9045th parliament Receipt of the Australian Finance Conference Economics Prize from the University of New England. Self8th Apr 2019
9145th parliament Receipt of the R.S. Neale Memorial Fund - a UNE prize for economic history Self10th Apr 2018
9245th parliament Discount on fees: Maurice Blackburn Pty Ltd Self9th May 2017
9345th parliament Vice Patron, QLD Target Sports Inc Self22nd Sep 2016
9445th parliament Vice Patron, QLD Rifle Association Inc Self22nd Sep 2016
9545th parliament Patron, QLD Labor Enabled Self22nd Sep 2016
9646th parliament Account with Sportingbet Spouse31st Jul 2019
9746th parliament Member of the Queensland Advisory Board of the McKell Institute, a research institute Spouse31st Jul 2019
45th Employment with Australian Workers' Union Other Income Spouse 22nd Sep 2016 8th Apr 2019
45th Member of the AWU Queensland Branch Executive and the AWU National executive Memberships Spouse 22nd Sep 2016 8th Apr 2019
45th Treasurer & VP Theodore Club Inc Other Interests Spouse 22nd Sep 2016 8th Apr 2019