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Official portrait of Tony Burke

House of Representatives member Tony Burke for Watson on behalf of the Australian Labor Party declared 24 interests.

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1 Savings account Members Equity Bank Self22nd Sep 2016
2 Savings account Encompass Credit Union Spouse22nd Sep 2016
3 Private use and occasional rental Meander Valley TAS Self9th Jul 2018
4 Residential Punchbowl New South Wales WA Self17th Jan 2017
5 Land Jackeys Marsh TAS Self26th Sep 2017
6 Mortgage/Jackeys Marsh property Comomnwealth Bank Self26th Sep 2017
7 Mortgage/Punchbowl property Commonwealth Bank Self6th Mar 2017
8 Mortgage/Tasmanian property Commonwealth Bank Self22nd Sep 2016
9 Superannuation Spouse22nd Sep 2016
10 A mix of sources including as an employee and from self-employment Spouse6th Sep 2017
11 Artwork from Jonathan Jones, value unknown Self28th Aug 2017
12 On the 10th of December 2013, I updated my register of Members Interests to advise of the delivery of Foxtel services to my electorate office which commenced during first week of October 2013 provided by Foxtel management. It has been drawn to my attention that that service has not been referred to on the Register during the current term. I therefore advise again that Foxtel services exist in my electorate office and are provided by Foxtel management. Self11th Aug 2017
13 Wednesday 31 August, tickets Mid Winter Ball - provided by ABC 2016 Self22nd Sep 2016
14 Certain costs in relation to a trip to Israel/Palestinian Territories 4-9 November, 2017. All flight costs were paid by me personally. The Australian Palestinian Advocacy Network paid for hotel accommodation for this period, ground transport costs and some meals. Self5th Dec 2017
15 Access to airport lounges for Qantas and Virgin Self23rd Aug 2017
16 As Shadow Arts Minister, I receive invitations and attend a large number of arts events including concerts, performances, festivals and exhibitions Self29th Nov 2016
17 Selected rugby league games/Canterbury Bulldogs Self/Spouse/Dependent Children22nd Sep 2016
18 Selected performances - arts organisations including Opera Australia, Sydney Theatre Co, Belvoir Theatre Company, Bluesfest Self/Spouse/Dependent Children22nd Sep 2016
19 ALP Self22nd Sep 2016
20 SDA Self22nd Sep 2016
21 Lakemba Bowling Club Benevolent Society Self22nd Sep 2016
22 Local registered clubs Self22nd Sep 2016
23 ALP Spouse22nd Sep 2016
24 Canterbury City Community Centre Spouse22nd Sep 2016

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