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This site refers to lands managed by First Nations peoples, past and present, who never ceded sovereignty and to whom I pay my respects. This work is dedicated to everyone who cares about transparency and accountability.

AusGovInfo has a long history of providing complex data to the public (and submissions directly to Parliamentary Inquiries based on those projects) for non-partisan political and policy analsysis with the mission of enhancing transparency, accountability and human rights across a broad range of issues. Download Rosie's Resume to get across the high points of this work over the last decade.

This site provides information by federal electorate including changes in election results with marginality since 2016, Commonwealth grants are included for their use in pork barelling and demographic information for it's impact on voting behaviours.

Grant data is allocated to electorates based on the postcode supplied to government for the recipient, not the postcode where the grant is spent. One reason for this is that delivery postcodes are not supplied for a lot of grants. Another is because this site is about who benefits from being selected as a grant recipient as opposed to where that funding is spent. There are also issues around funding being spent across multiple postcodes which aren't easily factored in when analysing over 100,000 grants across over 1,000 programs.

Data on voting results for each electorate comes from the Wikipedia pages for Post-election pendulum for the 2016 Australian federal election, and the Post-election pendulum for the 2019 Australian federal election. By election data comes from the AEC and the Wikipedia list of Australian federal by-elections.

Since Jan 2018 over 130,000 individual grants across nearly 2,000 programs have been made. Only a small number of these programs are flagged and a minority of grants are awarded in an Ad Hoc manner.

Full details for each grant can be found by clicking on the publication date which links to the government version, however these links may only appear on larger screen versions of the site.

Grants can be filtered within each electorate by confidentiality contract (wider screens only) or selection process (all screens). Click on the icons to filter grants. Mouse over icons or links for details. Grant data will be updated regularly while funding continues for this work.

ABS age breakdown by electorate is included for the significant effect age has on voting conservative. Socio-economic information is derived from ABS SEIFA data by postcode and assigned to federal electorates.

ABS age breakdown by electorate is included for the significant effect age has on voting conservative. SEIFA scores are included to indicate socio-economic wealth between and within electorates.

The scandals over Sport Australia and other Commonwealth grant programs sparked a Parliamentary Inquiry to which I provided a submission (no 48). As a result of the Inquiry, Corporate Commonwealth Entities agencies like Sport Australia are now required to report grant data to where a Minister has intervened in the process. Previously, such entities were only required to publish grant awards on their own sites using the fields they felt like instead of including all the information required of non-Corporate Commonwealth Entities by the platform.

Icons you see in this site (with the exception of the MP headshots) come from Images used in articles and OG cards come from

Since Jan 2018 over 130,000 individual grants across over 1,900 programs have been made. Only a small number of these programs are awarded in an Ad Hoc manner and subject to Ministerial Discretion.

The use of Ministerial Discretion is permitted under Commonwealth Grant Guidelines. There can be genuine reasons why grants are made in an Ad Hoc or one-off fashion, however criticisms have been made by ANAO and independent research about Ministerial intervention in selection of grant recipients.

Users of this site accept are expected to understand that all information is presented with the best of intentions, in a manner consistent with the available resources, and without political or personal bias.

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