The search box in this page provides matches across the following datasts:

  • Australian Charities & Not-for-Profit Annual Information Statement data
  • Australian Charities & Not-for-Profit charities register data
  • ATO Tax Transparency data
  • Commonwealth Tenders data
  • AEC Political Donations data
  • AEC Parties Register

For best results do not enter Pty, Ltd or punctuation. General keywords work best. Be aware that the charts provide totals which may include results that match with general keywords but are not the same entity. For example there are both political parties and individual donors that match the keyword 'Green' in AEC data.

Check out the articles tagged FAQ for step by step instructions.

Each result from this search box begins with a set of charts that shows which datasets contain matches for user input and which years hold matches for that input.

Click on the year to get the breakdown of data for that year (for that dataset).

Examples: Westpac, Liberal, Commonwealth Bank of Australia, BHP, Catholic.

AEC data does not contain ABN so matches are only available on donor company name.