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Who gets what?


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This page generates results across multiple datasets made searchable to allow people to answer questions about who provides donations, who receives tenders, who pays tax or has their tax responsibility offset by concenssions.

NSW Ministerial Diairy meetings
ACNC Annual Information Statement
ACNC Charities Register
ATO Tax Transparency Report
Commonwealth Tenders
AEC Political Donations
Department of Treasury data

The ATO publishes a Tax Transparency Report with accompanying machine readable dataset late in the year. This provides gross income, tax payable and tax paid for Australia's largest earning Companies.

The Australian Charities and Not-for-profit Commission publishes information on registered charities including activities and financial information including government grants/tenders received (a total only). This information is combined with DGR status information published by the Department of Treasury to provide details on DGR status.

Commonwealth tenders data collected by the Department of Treasury is provided on name based searches.

Australian Electoral Commission publishes Commonwealth political party donations and receipts data annually in February and this data is also searchable here.

When using the search box it is best to use key terms such the following examples in order to capture all matches:

Political Parties
Labor Liberal Green
Woolworths Westpac BHP
Scientology Catholic Surf Life Saving

This is the first time (to my knowledge) that totals of variables such as donations received or assets has been able to be made across any search term entered in the system, allowing for totals of the assets held by church groups: Salvation (Army), Catholic, Anglican. These searches can not be exact to the dollar but do provide a reasonable estimation of the size and wealth of these groups.

A positive result is indicated by a chart appearing next to the related dataset. Click on the yearly total to drill down. Matches for charities on DGR/Non-DGR status are output in a list which scrolls to the right (where there are multiple matches).