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Principality of Liechtenstein

2. Developed region: nonG7 2. High income: nonOECD

2 Australian charities

1 International Committee Of The Red Cross
2 Centre for Armed Violence Reduction Ltd
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2 charities reported operations in this country between 2014 & 2017

International Committee Of The Red Cross

ABN 46791173904
Other Names
Registered 03 December 2012
Tax Exemptions
Public Benefit Institution
Size & Responsible Persons Small
Level1, 15 National Cct Barton ACT 2600
Charitable Purpose
Another purpose

Centre for Armed Violence Reduction Ltd


ABN 62161762778
Other Names
CAVR PSAAG.org Saving Schemes
Established 21 December 2012
Registered 11 January 2013
Tax Exemptions
Size & Responsible Persons Small
31 Albion Street Surry Hills NSW 2010
Charitable Purpose
Another purpose

Not all charities registered with the ACNC provide AIS statements in all years

2016 Annual Information Statement data declared by 2 charities

Gross Income$0
Total Expenses $735,000
Surplus/Deficit $-735,000
Donations & Bequests $0
Government Income $0
Total Assets $0
Total Liabilities $0
Net Assets/Liabilities $0