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2 Political Donations totaling $40,000 were paid by entities matching Trident Security between 2013 and 2018

1 matching donor names across all years

1 Trident Security

Summary by Recipient

Count Recipient
2 Liberals - TAS $40,000

Individual donations

Year Source Recipient Type
1 15-16Trident Security Liberals - TAS Other Receipt $20,000
2 14-15Trident Security Liberals - TAS Other Receipt $20,000

There are no pecuniary interest matches found for Trident Security

In 1 Commonwealth tenders match Trident Security

Please note that because AEC data does not contain ABN an Tenders data has company names spelled in multiple ways, matches are not exact so can include similar names that are not associated with the intended company. Click on the contract icon for details of each contract.

1 Oct 26th, 2018 DEPARTMENT OF HOME AFFAIRS TRIDENT SECURITY SERVICES Education and Training Services $59,631