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Year No Corps % of Taxable $ Tax Paid $ Taxable Income $ Revenue
13-14 1 0.00 0 160,202,586 2,105,981,013
14-15 1 0.00 0 244,415,270 2,269,966,638
15-16 1 0.00 0 235,829,408 2,174,245,786
16-17 1 5.00 16,333,552 326,868,333 2,830,066,548
These results can be affected by corps moving in and out of the top-earners dataset over the included years

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'CSL LIMITED' matches 3 pecuniary interest declarations

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2016 [1]

2017 [2]

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On 30 May 2017
Tim Hammond of the
Australian Labor Party
Declared Gifts
Held by: Self
1 x coffee table book depicting 100 years of operation of CSL Limited. Gifted by Paul Perreault, CEO, CSL Limited. Value unknown

On 10 May 2017
Tim Wilson of the
Liberal Party of Australia
Declared Shareholdings
Held by: Self/Spouse
CSL (CSL Limited) - Wilson Bolger Superannuation Pty Ltd

On 29 Nov 2016
Cathy McGowan of the
Declared Gifts
Held by: Self
2 x ticket to exhibition at Melbourne Museum: BioMedical Breakthroughs: A New View of you - gift from CSL Limited

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