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Taxation Expenditure Data

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Government Financial Statistics Function - [2018-19 Report]

Agriculture, forestry and fishing $0.465B

Defence $0.936B

Education $4.747B

Fuel and energy $1.290B

General public services - Financial and fiscal affairs $4.500B

General public services - Foreign affairs and economic aid $0.775B

General public services - General services $0.278B

General public services - Legislative and executive affairs $0.005B

Health $9.437B

Housing and community amenities $69.392B

Mining, manufacturing and construction $-1.890B

Other economic affairs - Other economic affairs, nec $28.162B

Other economic affairs - Total labour and employment affairs $1.040B

Other economic affairs - Tourism and area promotion $0.000B

Other purposes - General purpose inter-governmental transactions $2.150B

Public order and safety $0.000B

Recreation and culture $0.228B

Social security and welfare $55.540B

Transport and communication $-0.048B

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Defence - [2018-19 Report]

D6 Expenditure Category: Fringe Benefits Tax

Title: Exemption for health care benefits provided to members of the Defence Force

$0.600 B
0.600 B
$0.580 B
0.580 B
$0.590 B
0.590 B
$0.580 B
0.590 B
$0.610 B
0.610 B
$0.620 B
0.620 B
$0.630 B
0.630 B
$0.650 B
0.650 B

Defence tax concessions where all years are zero or no estimate is available for any year:
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A7 Expenditure Category: Personal Income p.30

Title: Australian Defence Force personnel - exemption of compensation for lost deployment allowance

A9 Expenditure Category: Personal Income p.31

Title: Australian Defence Force Reserve personnel - exemption of compensation for loss of pay and allowances

A11 Expenditure Category: Personal Income p.31

Title: Exemption of some payments to Australian Federal Police and civilian personnel on service with an armed force of the United Nations

A13 Expenditure Category: Personal Income p.32

Title: Tax offsets for Australian Defence Force personnel serving overseas and for Australian Federal Police and civilians serving with United Nations forces

B7 Expenditure Category: Business Income p.52

Title: Income tax exemption for persons connected with certain US Government projects in Australia

B17 Expenditure Category: Business Income p.55

Title: Security agency transaction exemption

E1 Expenditure Category: Capital Gains Tax p.105

Title: Exemption for valour or brave conduct decorations

F21 Expenditure Category: Commodity and Other Indirect Taxes p.123

Title: Certain exemptions for Australian military sea vessels